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This is what the moon sounds like when it finally decides to howl back. When it finally decides to grow claws of its own. Kid, you’re only the hero in your own country, on your own team, but it’s different everywhere else. You’re too busy running with the wolves to hear the other side of the story, but it’s there if you listen closely. You never let them see any of your soft, so it sat inside of you until it fell away like baby teeth. Like something you kept under your pillow in hopes that someone, anyone, might check up on you while you were sleeping. It turns out loneliness has a voice after all, and it’s stuck inside the telephone wires. It sounds like a door slamming. A car’s engine getting ready to drive until there’s no more road left. It isn’t your voice, and it hasn’t been for a while now, but you taste it just the same. Maybe you’re going to stay mad at the world or maybe you’re going to change it. You’re wondering how the ending goes, but you’re the only one who really gets to decide.
Y.Z, stop fighting ancient wars (via rustyvoices)
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